In the Périgord, a very special way of life is cherished and celebrated. It is based on the richness of the region’s culture and landscapes, the excellent cooking and the authenticity of living traditions.


The most beautiful villages

Domme, Beynac, La Roque-Gageac, Limeuil… the Périgord’s charming old villages have remained unchanged to the present day.
Quaint ensembles of ancient farms and old stone buildings, truffle oaks and walnut trees beautifully melt into the landscape of softly rolling hills.
The renaissance town of Sarlat – the capital of the Black Périgord – has lost none of its charm since it was built in the 16the century. It is a wonderful place for shopping on the lively market or whiling away time in one of the many cafés underneath shady old trees.

Chez Nadine - Pèrigord - Die schönsten Dörfer Frankreichs
Chez Nadine - Pèrigord - Pèrigordküche und Wein

Fine food and wines

A landscape of green hills stretches to the horizon. It is a very old landscape in which one feels wonderfully apart. A world, in which life revolves around good food from excellent ingredients – their cultivation, harvesting and eventual degustation.
Walnuts, black truffles, duck and goose confit… the Périgord is France’s richest pantry. Aromatic ceps, chestnuts and sweet purple figs benefit until late in the autumn from the warm climate and abundant sunshine.
Less than one hour’s drive away the world famous vinyards, caves and châteaus of Monbazillac, Pécharmant and Saint Émilion wait to be discovered.
The beautiful Château de Tiregand near Bergerac is well worth a visit and degustation.

Cave Paintings

Also called the cradle of humanity, the Vézere Valley is famous for its rock shelters with the earliest ever found traces of Cro-Magnon Man.

Lascaux cave with more than 1500 pre-historical cave paintings is the best-known of more than 15 caves awarded UNESCO world heritage status.

The village of Les Eyzies and its International Museum of prehistory is the perfect starting point for immersing deeply into the fascinating journey of our own kind – from early European man to the present day.

Chez Nadine - Pèrigord - Felszeichnungen
Chez Nadine - Pèrigord - Burgen und Schlösser

Castles and Gardens

During the hundred year’s war, French and English troops were facing each other at the castles of Beynac and Castelnaud, towering high above the magnificent Dordogne river. 

Known as the land of the thousand castles, the area bears witness to a proud and moved history.